When you think of Irish Coffee most people think of Ireland, the Blarney Stone, Leprechauns, and Whiskey, not necessarily in that order! Irish Coffee is a popular coffee drink that has a somewhat muddled origin since there seems to be a bit of dispute on who was the creator, and where the first … { Read More About the History }

Let’s look at a few recipes for what we call Irish Coffee.

Real Irish Coffee is a very “no-frills” recipe that is based on the original drink. There have been a number of variations to the original but if you want to go traditional then try this one.

Baileys Irish Coffee has been a favorite among Irish Coffee drinkers almost since the advent of the drink itself. In fact Baileys has a number of different pre-made options in quite a few flavors.


Spanish Irish Coffee is not for the faint of heart. This exotic drink is actually set on fire and uses a cinnamon shake to create a fireworks show that is unlike you have ever seen before.


Irish Coffee 49 is made for the sweet tooth in all of us. The addition of sugar and rich whipping cream to the recipe will satisfy those that find the taste of coffee too bitter.

Any way you choose to serve Irish Coffee it’s sure to hit the spot on those cold, winter nights or even those lazy summer evenings. Anytime is a good time to share a mug of Irish cheer.

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